System requirements and known limitations

Check these known limitations and requirements to see if Editor 7 will work for you

Web browsers and screen resolution for site editing

  • 'Recommended' means we think this is the best choice for Editor 7
  • 'Supported' means we test this and will try to resolve any problems
  • 'Unsupported' means we don't test this can't help you resolve a problem

Screen resolution


  • 1440 x 900 or higher


  • 1280 x 800 or higher

It's usually possible to work at 1024 x 768 but it won't be a great experience.

Web browsers for site editing


  • Google Chrome (Mac or Windows)


  • Internet Explorer 9 and 10 (Windows)
  • Firefox (Mac or Windows)
  • Safari (Mac only)

We do not recommend any version of Internet Explorer for site editing. Editor 7 will work in IE 9 and IE 10 but you will usually get a faster, smoother more reliable experience with Chrome.

Site editing requires the use of a keyboard and a mouse, touchpad or similar pointing device. We do not support site editing using any kind of touch-screen, pen, voice control or other non-standard device attached to a computer.

Web browsers for published sites
Sites published with Editor 7 should work on any browser that supports CSS3 / HTML 5. This should include browsers on Android devices and iOS devices. Some browsers, like very old versions of Internet Explorer, have well documented problems with CSS and so you may find some degradation in the appearence of a page although the content should remain fully visible.

Operating systems
We test with the current version of Mac OS X and Windows and the previous major versions too. Currently that is Windows 7 and Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.7.x and 10.8.x

Editor 7 should work with any version of Windows from Vista onwards or any version Mac OS X version after 10.1 but we can't promise anything as we don't test on these older systems.

Unsupported devices and browsers for site editing
We don't support Phones or Tablets for editing websites. It is possible to manage your site, choose templates and perform most other non-editing tasks on a modern phone or tablet but for site editing we only support Windows and Mac OS computers running the browsers specified above.

We do not support any version of Linux. Editor 7 does work on some Linux systems but we don't test on Linux and we can't help you if you have a problem.

We do not support site editing with:

  • Any version of Opera
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8
  • Safari (Windows)

Known limitations

Editor 7 is intended to be used for creating websites for Small Business users. If used reasonably and in accordance with the documentation, it should work well and we will be happy to try and resolve any problems. If you use Editor 7 contrary to the documentation or for some other purpose we may be unable to help you.

File type, file count and file size
Editor 7 is not intended to be used for storing thousands of images or videos. There is no fixed upper limit but if you need to store huge numbers of files you should look for a specialist service.

  • Max image size is 10Mb
  • Max video file size is 20Mb (video cannot be uploaded in the Beta release)

We recommend you host videos using a service like YouTube or Vimeo and use the appropriate widget to embed these within your site.

Supported file types

  • JPG / JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF

We will be adding support for PDF uploads soon.

Page count
There is no fixed upper limit on page count but we don't test beyond 50 pages.

Number of widgets on a page
We don't recommend having more than 30 widgets on a page because this will probably make the page very slow to load. We can't offer support for any page with more than 60 widgets.

Image count
There is no fixed upper limit on image count but we don't test beyond 100 images or support more than 200.

Image dimensions
Minimum supported dimensions: 10 x 10 px
Maximum supported dimensions: 1920 x 1920 px

Slideshows and Galleries
For Slideshows, we support a maximum of 10 images per slideshow and no more than 3 slideshows on a page. More than this will probably make the page very slow to load. For Galleries we support a maximum of 30 images per Gallery and 2 Galleries on a page.

Editor 7 includes the ability to preview a site at resolution similar to that of common devices like an iPhone and and iPad. This preview is intended to act as a guide and we cannot guarantee that the preview will exactly match any particular device.



We don't provide any hosting for .js files (or any other scripting languages). You can embed iFrame content using the Embed widget and you can add scripts to page headers and page bodies but we can't help you debug your code. if you paste your own Javascript into an Editor 7 page and you break your site we won't be able to help.

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