Stock images: finding and using

Editor 7 includes a stock image library with a large collection of high quality images than you can use on your site.

Image licensing and image credits

Stock images are licensed only for use on your Editor 7 site. Downloading, distributing or using stock images outside of your Editor 7 site is not permitted.

Different Editor 7 account packages may have different numbers of image credits included. Additional credits can be purchased from the Home page.

Open the images tab

Click the images tab (1) and then the Add Images button (2)

Select 'Stock images'

Click the Stock images button (1)

Search for an image

Enter search keywords in the search field (1) and click the search button (2). You can search on single or multiple keywords e.g. Sky or Blue Sky

Select an image

Select an image (1) or click the next page button (2)

Click the Save button (1) to use this image. Click Back (2) to choose a different image. Important: When you click the save button you will use one of your image credits. This cannot be undone.

Stock images are added to your image library

Drag an image onto your page to use it

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