eSelectPlus is a payment solution for e-commerce offered by Moneris solutions company, a leading payment processor in North America. At present Libersy Webshop supports eSelectPlus Canada payment. 


How to set up

In order to enable and use eSelect Plus Hosted Paypage as a payment option, please follow these steps: 


1. In Libersy Webshop Control Panel 

  • Log in to your Libersy Webshop Control Panel 
  • Go to the "System Settings → Payment" page. Change the Payment Processor value of the "Credit Card" payment method to "eSELECT Plus Hosted Paypage". Save the changes. 
  • Click the "[Account Details] link near this payment method. A popup will appear. Copy the "Approved URL", the "Cancel Button URL" and the "Declined URL". Save these values somewhere. 


2. In eSelect Merchant Resource Centre

  • First you need to create a Hosted Paypage Configuration, so please log in to your eSELECT Merchant Resource Center 
  • Go to the "ADMIN → hosted config" page 
  • Click the "Generate a Version 3 Configuration" to create a new Hosted Paypage Configuration. 
  • Copy and save the values of Hosted Paypage ID(ps_store_id) and Hosted Paypage Token (hpp_key) configuration settings. Then press the "Save Changes" button. 
  • Adjust the following settings in the Hosted Paypage Configuration. 
    • Payment Methods: select "Credit Cards". 
    • Response Method: select "Sent to your server as a POST". 
    • Approved URL and Declined URL: enter the values you got at step #1 
    • Set the Transaction Type you want. 
  • Click the "Configure Appearance" button in the "Paypage Appearance" section.
    • Cancel Button URL: enter the value you got at step # 1
    • Save the аppearance settings.
  • Then click the "Configure Security" button in the "Security Features" section. 
    • tick the "Enable Transaction Verification" checkbox, then set the "Response Method" option to  select  "Displayed as key/value pairs on our server
    • Save the verification changes. 


3. Return to the Libersy Webshop control panel. 

  • Go to the "System Settings → Payment" page. 
  • Click the "[Account Details]" link near the eSelect payment method. 
  • Enter the values you got at step #2. Hosted Paypage ID is ps_store_id,  Hosted Paypage Token is hpp_key.
  • Save the changes and enable this payment method. 





1. In the production environment, an individual must be granted permission to access and alter the hosted page configuration. User permissions may be updated by navigating to «ADMIN» and then selecting «MODIFY USER» from the submenu. Once you have found the user to be updated, click the «Set Permissions» and update their Administrative Permissions. 


2. Each eSELECTplus account may have up to five unique Hosted Paypage configurations. These do not equate to different stores, all transactions will be logged under the same store and will settle into the same bank account. Each configuration can have different appearance as well as handle responses in various ways. 


3. Do not forget to activate your store. Once you have received your activation letter/fax go to as 

instructed in the letter/fax. You will need to input your store ID and merchant ID then click the «Activate» button. Once this is confirmed you will need to create an administrator account that you will use to log into the Merchant Resource Centre to access and administer your eSELECTplus store. Please note that the API TOKEN that you receive during Activation is NOT the token you require for the Hosted Paypage request. 

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