Why is my service not bookable?

In most cases this is caused by the following:

  1. The service is already fully booked
  2. The opening hours are not set correctly
  3. The employee working hours are not set correctly
  4. The required resources of a service are not configured correctly
  5. The time schedule for the service is activated and not set correctly 

This is the checklist that helps you find out why your service is not bookable:

  1. Check in the calendar if there is a free employee/room/equipment available
  2. Check your opening hours: settings > company > opening hours
  3. Check which resources are needed for this service: settings > services > service name > required resources
    1. Note: do not add the same resource twice
    2. If you add two employees, BOTH employees will be booked and BOTH employees have to be available to be able to book the service
  4. Check if the required resources have working hours: settings > employees > employee > working hours
  5. Check if the service has a time schedule activated and if it's set correctly
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