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In order to enable and use eWay Hosted Payment Page as a payment option, please follow these steps:

1. Create a eWay merchant account

After registration you will receive your Customer ID from eWay.


2. Enable this payment method in Libersy Webshop

  • Sign in to your Libersy Webshop Control Panel.
  • Go to the "System Settings → Payment" page. Change the Payment Processor value of the "Credit Card" payment method to "eWay Hosted Payment Page". Save the changes. 


3. Configure your eWay account in Libersy Webshop

  • Go to the "System Settings → Payment" page. 
  • Click the "[Account Details]" link near the eWay payment method. 
  • Set your eWay Gateway Type — The country, which your eWAY account belongs to (depending on the site you registered on)
  • Set your Customer ID
  • UK and NZ merchants should also set up some additional options: 
    • eWay Customer User Name — Your eWAY Customer User Name
    • Page Title (optional, plain text) — This value is used to populate the browser's title bar at the top of the screen, where a customer enters credit card details
    • Page Description (optional, plain text) — Displayed as a greeting message to customers and is placed above the customers' order details
    • Page Footer (optional, plain text) — The page footer text can be customized and populated below the customers' order details. Useful for contact information.
  • Save the changes. 




eWay Australia and your currency

If you use an Australian account, please make sure that your store currency is the same as the currency in the eWay merchant account; otherwise, your customers may get incompatible currency errors when trying to pay via eWay.


Test Account Information

A test facility is available using the following credentials:


  • CustomerID: 87654321
  • Username: TestAccount
  • Test Credit Card: 4444333322221111


Australian test account requires to have AUD as store currency.


The transaction result is based on the CENT value of the transaction for more information see the testing section. 

Example: $10.00 will return a response code 00 - Transaction Approved.  More details: 


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