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  1. In order to be able to accept the card payments with Global Iris / Realex, the seller will need a merchant account with one of the acquirers listed here: . If you are currently an HSBC customer, you already have an account with HSBC Merchant Sevices and can proceed. If you don’t have a merchant account with one of those institutions yet, you can apply for an account with Realex itself by submitting the form here:
  2. Global Iris supports a limited set of currencies. Your store’s currency must be one of the following:
    • U.S. dollar, 
    • Euro, 
    • Pound sterling, 
    • Yen, 
    • Hong Kong dollar, 
    • Mexican Peso.
  3. How to set your currency in Libersy Webshop
  4. Your online store must be published on your site in order to be approved upon siging up with Global Iris / Realex. The checkout must be available in your store — so make sure that you have at least one payment method enabled; if you don’t have any other payment methods in your store yet, enable the «Phone order» while waiting for the approval from Global Iris / Realex.

Sign up

If you are currently an HSBC customer, you will be offered a migration to Global Iris. 

If you are a new customer and you didn’t have HSBC Merchant Services account, and don’t have an account with Global Iris or Realex yet, you will need to apply for one at


Setting up Libersy Webshop

In Libersy Webshop control panel > System Settings > Payment you need to add the payment method with payment processor "Credit Card: Global Iris". In the account settings for this method you need to put merchant ID and shared secret (both provided by Realex upon creating your merchant account) and optionally the sub-account name.


Settings in Realex merchant account

When a buyer completes his/her transaction at Global Iris / Realex, the payment system can report the status of transaction securely back to Libersy Webshop shop. For this, you need to supply Realex with the so called callback URL. Every Libersy Webshop store has its own unique callback URL which looks like


(where STORE_ID must be replaced with your real actual store ID number).


Prior to start selling you need to send your callback URL via email to Once they let you know they have accepted it, your Libersy Webshop store is basically ready to sell. Do a few test purchases with the real credit cards in order to make sure everything works right - and you are ready to sell.

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